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Say whaaaat? In old set footage, Chewbacca speaks English

Ready for the shock of your Star Wars lifetime? Depending on where you stand, Chewie's English accent on set either makes the magic or spoils it.

"Where the hell have you been?" Chewbacca screams from the set of "The Empire Strikes Back." In English. "Where are you going?"

Chewie, Han Solo's right-hand copilot Wookiee, speaks the invented language of Shyriiwook in the films, not English. But during the movie's filming, England-born Chewbacca actor Peter Mayhew spoke lines in his mother tongue. The on-set video that Mayhew posted to his Twitter account shows Han Solo actor Harrison Ford in dialogue with Mayhew's Wookiee. And it's...different.

It you're a Star Wars fan, the footage is either a delightful piece of behind-the-scenes revelation, or a buzzkill that dims some of the sparkle from Star Wars' movie magic. Either way, the short segment is an undeniably arresting part of the Star Wars story. You can watch it from Mayhew's tweet here.