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Say 'I love you' with your 3D-printed chocolate face

Some lucky Japanese will get their lovers' sweet likenesses on Valentine's Day. Lollipop format also available.

Tim Hornyak
Crave freelancer Tim Hornyak is the author of "Loving the Machine: The Art and Science of Japanese Robots." He has been writing about Japanese culture and technology for a decade. E-mail Tim.
Tim Hornyak

If your love is sweet, then 3D-print yourself for Valentine's Day and give the gift that says so.

At a recent workshop in Tokyo, attendees made bite-size versions of their heads in chocolate.

Hosted by 3D-printing firm KS Design Lab and FabCafe, the event, which was limited to women, produced about 20 little chocolate faces that looked just like their human originals.

Participants first underwent a full-body 3D scan using a scanner that's the size of a small room.

The data were used to create 3D images of their faces on a computer, which were edited and then fed into a 3D printer.

The printer laid down hollow silicone molds of the faces, which were then filled with chocolatey liquid goodness.

Once dry and out of the mold, the choco-heads looked remarkably lifelike. Decorated with candy bows and hearts, they were good enough to gobble.

Some of the noggins were even put on sticks, like lollipops for headhunters. Check out the BBC report on the event below.

What do you think? Would your significant other swoon at the sight of your mug in milk chocolate?