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Say 'Cheep'! Bird Photo Booth for high-tech bird watchers

Your chickadees and finches are ready for their close-ups, Mr. DeMille. Get the drop on backyard birds with a bird feeder and camera-housing combination.

Bird Photo Booth
Bird watch from the comfort of your computer.
Bryson Lovett

Wild birds are notoriously fickle photography subjects. Getting up-close pics usually requires an expensive camera, a honking zoom lens, and the ability to hold extremely still for long periods of time.

The $149 Bird Photo Booth on Kickstarter combines a bird-feeding platform with a place to stash a camera for taking avian glamor shots without upsetting the skittish subjects. The device comes with foam insert adapters for iPhone, iPod Touch, and GoPro cameras. A universal Android insert is under development.

The photo booth is made from hardwood and metal for outdoor durability and protection of the device inside. A macro lens keeps the up-close birds in focus.

You can stream a live feed from the camera to your iPad, iPhone, or computer over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. When a bird lands, you can then record video or snap photos that will make your Audubon buddies jealous. Yes, you can then tweet your photos of the feathery tweeters if you so desire.

Project creator Bryson Lovett shows off some pretty impressive photos and video made with his prototype. A hummingbird gets so close, you can almost feel the breeze coming off its wings. A jay stuffs its beak with an impossible amount of nuts.

The Bird Photo Booth could be endlessly entertaining for any backyard bird watcher, but I imagine it would really make for great viewing for my iPad-addicted cats.

Bird up close
This hungry jay was captured with the Bird Photo Booth and an iPhone 4S. Bryson Lovett