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Save Web images on your iPad

Learn how to use the Safari browser on the Apple iPad to save and copy images from the Web, send them in e-mails, or use them as screen wallpaper.

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There are several ways to get pictures onto an iPad. You can sync them from iTunes, receive them over e-mail, and even import them directly from your digital camera using Apple's $29 Camera Connection Kit.

But there's another way to add images to your iPad's photo library that a lot of people miss--saving photos from the Web. If you're the kind of person who loves collecting random funny images from the Web or saving photos of friends from sites like Flickr and Facebook, saving images right out of the iPad's Safari browser is a good trick to know.

To walk you through the process of saving Web images on an iPad, as well as a few tips on e-mailing Web images and setting them as wallpaper, I've created this handy, basic tutorial video.