Save to Dropbox from the Chrome right-click menu

Streamline the process of taking documents or images from the Web and uploading to your Dropbox account with this handy Google Chrome extension.

Nicole Cozma
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Nicole Cozma
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Dropbox is one of the top cloud storage solutions for anyone who needs to share or collaborate on documents, audio or images. As long as you have Internet connectivity, you can access your files from anywhere, giving you peace of mind that a specific file won't be forgotten when you're away from the computer.

If you're often saving documents or images from the Web, you may notice that the process isn't very streamlined on its own. You either have to use the Dropbox software on your PC and choose that folder every time you want to save something, or you have to locate the file and upload it through your Web browser. With the first option, you could set your default download location to Dropbox, but you probably don't want to save every file to your limited-space account. In the end, neither of these options is ideal, so why not check out the Download to Dropbox extension for Google Chrome? Just two clicks and you can save directly to your Dropbox account.

First you'll need to install a copy of Download to Dropbox for Chrome. Visit the extension page on the Chrome Web Store and then click the Add to Chrome button near the top right-hand side of the extension information.

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Next, sign in to your Dropbox account. If you have the Dropbox two-step authentication enabled, you'll probably need to enter your security code, as well.

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You should see a page loading saying the sign-in was successful. Double-check that you are signed in by looking at the Download to Dropbox icon on the Chrome toolbar. There shouldn't be any red or yellow alert indicators on the icon if the extension is ready for use. If there is an alert, you can click the icon and check the errors.

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Now you can surf the Web and download files directly to your Dropbox account by right-clicking and selecting "Upload to Dropbox" from the menu. The download status can be checked by clicking the icon for Download to Dropbox in the Chrome toolbar. It's worth noting that the default upload location is Apps/Chrome Downloads, which can be changed by going to the Settings area of the extension (click the button and then the Settings cog icon).

Adding this extension eliminates the need to "follow up" on files you've downloaded that you intend to add to your Dropbox account. You'll be able to save directly to the cloud without much effort at all.

(Via AddictiveTips)