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Save money <del>while</del> just after you sleep!

An alarm clock that's also a bank.

Banclock bank alarm clock
It's an alarm clock! It's a bank!
Tokyu Hands

Imagine, if you will, this conversation between members of a product development team:

"Man, waking up is hard."

"You know what else is hard? Saving money."

"We should make something that will help us do both at the same time!"

Maybe it never happened, but it's the only way we could explain the Banclock, an attractive, cube-shaped alarm clock that requires you to deposit change to turn off the alarm--no snooze, no off button, no wimps need purchase. (Though if your pockets are empty after playing too much pinball the night before, the alarm will shut off after five minutes.) This sounds as if it could be even more annoying than the runaway Clocky, but we suspect there's at least one person out there who will appreciate the opportunity of moving a little closer to a savings goal before even getting out of bed. After all, once you've woken up and saved some cash, the rest of the day should be a piece of cake.