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Save files to Google Drive with Chrome add-on Save to Drive

Chrome extension Save to Drive adds a line to your right-click menu to save images and HTML5 video and audio files to Google Drive.

This Chrome extension is particularly useful for Chromebook users and anyone who uses Google Drive to store their files more so than their hard drive. If either of these profiles describes you, then I would urge you to give Save to Drive a try. It's dead simple to use and provides useful functionality for storing any image you stumble across in Chrome, along with HTML5 video and audio files.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

When you spot such a file you'd like to keep, right-click it. With Save to Drive installed, you'll see a line -- Save image to Google Drive -- has been added to your right-click menu. Choose it and after two status windows, the file gets added to your Google Drive account.

That's it -- dead simple in operation, no? There are, however, a few things Save to Drive does not let you do, perhaps as a result of the extension's simplicity. First, you can't specify a particular folder for files; they are added to My Drive. Secondly, when you click to open a file obtained via Save to Drive, you will not see a preview -- just a download link. Lastly, it does not support Flash.

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET

Still, if you've come to embrace the cloud, you should give a warm handshake to Save to Drive.

(Via LifeHacker)