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SNL mocks malfunctioning Honda humanoid robots

Honda robots go haywire as they bully humans into eating appetizers at a tech convention demo in this hilarious "Saturday Night Live" skit.

Honda's humanoid robot Asimo can run, climb stairs, open bottles and serve food. But what happens if the friendly robot gets its wires crossed?

In this video from the latest "Saturday Night Live," we see what happens when Asimo-like robots from Honda go haywire while serving appetizers to a crowd at a tech convention, all because the attendees won't put their phones in airplane mode.

The robots (played by guest host Emily Blunt and "SNL" actor Mikey Day) are meant to deliver food but repeatedly malfunction during a presentation.

In fact, one of the funniest moments of the comedy sketch happens when Blunt's robot ignores the audience members' personal space and tries to intimidate Kate McKinnon into taking a mini quesadilla from her tray.

Meanwhile, Day's robot glitches and falls over while trying to tempt the convention crowd with mac and cheese balls. Luckily, the frustrated Honda robot tech Karen (played by Leslie Jones) comes to the rescue.