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Sassy Donald Trump may be the one you've been waiting for

Technically Incorrect: Actor Peter Serafinowicz decides to give Trump's defense of his conduct toward women a different tone. It creates a revelatory effect.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Change the voice, change the man?

Peter Serafinowicz/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

There's little about this election that's uplifting, save for the idea that it will be over soon.

As the candidates besmirch each other -- and the concept of credibility -- we humans wonder what we have come to.

Still, if you're projecting absolute power and strength -- as is Donald Trump -- you know that to get through to people, the way you sound is as important as the way you look.

What, though, if he didn't talk like that?

Actor Peter Serafinowicz, perhaps best known as Pete in "Shaun Of The Dead," thought he'd experiment with the latest footage of the Republican nominee defending his conduct toward women.

So he took the brass out of Trump's voice and replaced it with sass.

The resulting YouTube video shows that with a change of timbre, Trump becomes a very different character altogether: a little whiny and desperate to be loved.

Some might think this reflects a truer version of the man.

The art of the piece, though, comes through in the little sighs and grunts that Serafinowicz projects into Trump's mouth.

Naturally, people will react to this along party lines. Some will think Trump sounds more reasonable. Some will think he sounds merely comic.

The video does show, however, how much we can be easily swayed by how people speak, rather than what they say.

Which is especially useful to politicians.