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Sassy business cards reveal superheroes' secret identities

If Thor, Iron Man, Wonder Woman and Daredevil ever want some extra recognition for their mild-mannered alter egos, then they should get these custom business cards.

Hulk business card
There's a Hulk Smash coming.

Superheroes thrive off of being mysterious. They show up all full of muscles and spandex and pull off amazing deeds and then disappear back into their alter egos, mild-mannered regular people with jobs like journalist, attorney or photographer. If superheroes ever decided they'd like some recognition for their aliases, then a business card would be handy tool.

UK printing company 123Print designed a series of business cards for a whole bunch of today's hottest superheroes. Everyone from Superman (Clark Kent) to Iron Man (Tony Stark) gets a catchy card listing skills, job titles and great big hints about their superhero identities.

The cards are not afraid to take on some of the more absurd elements of the superhero lifestyle, such as the many oddities of superhero costuming. Clark Kent's calling card includes a reference to his external underwear. Wonder Woman's card features this message prominently on the front: "Eyes up, creep."

The various film and TV franchises aren't immune from some good-natured ribbing. Daredevil's card includes a braille note asking people not to judge him by the mediocre Ben Affleck movie that came out well before the much-adored Netflix series. Batman's card calls out his raspy voice as popularized by Christian Bale.

A lot of thought went into the various designs. The color schemes echo the matching superhero outfits. The Hulk's green and purple card includes an apology in advance for smashing up your home, school or place of work.

The heroic business cards are meant to encourage regular people to create some cards of their own. Using that as inspiration, I should make a card that reads "journalist/guitar plucker/supergeek." I'm just not quite ready to reveal my secret identity.