Sarah Silverman's new political project, 'Let My People Vote'

Comic actress Sarah Silverman, whose "The Great Schlep" was a viral video in the 2008 campaign, is back with an expletive-filled project about voter ID laws.

Sree Sreenivasan
Sree, who teaches digital media at Columbia, is the university's first chief digital officer.
Sree Sreenivasan

'Let My People Vote' is Sarah Silverman's political project that features an actress playing her grandmother, some guns and a rant about voter ID laws

Sarah Silverman, the comic actress whose 2008 video "The Great Schlep" helped focus attention on the young Jewish-American vote, is back with a new political project.

"Let My People Vote" is a website and social-media project that looks at voter ID laws. It showcases a video starring Silverman ranting -- in her trademark expletive-filled way -- about the laws that are part of this year's election story. An actress playing her grandmother and some guns make an appearance, too.

Paid for by the Jewish Council for Education and Research, this the latest project of Schlep Labs, which describes itself thus:

Schlep Labs is a creative playground unlike any other in American politics, engaging a broad audience in a diversity of production efforts. Through Schlep Labs, we are developing a new grassroots model that will innovate the way political campaigns leverage talents across the creative spectrum. At Schlep Labs, we combine your skills with our experience to shape the outcome of the 2012 presidential election.

Using humor to tackle politics, the Let My People Vote project tries to direct attention to a topic that most people don't understand. It's an example of advocacy groups trying to use social media in new ways to cut through the clutter of the media landscape.

The video from the project is below. Like most Silverman material, it is not safe for work or around children.

What do you make of the project? Will it have any effect on the electorate? Let us know in the comments.