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'American Horror Story' could feature a female Donald Trump

"American Horror Story" plans to center an entire season around the 2016 election, and one previous cast member hopes to tackle Trump for her greatest role.

Sarah Paulson in "American Horror Story."
FX Networks

The Trump White House was reportedly less than thrilled that "Saturday Night Live" had a woman (Melissa McCarthy) portraying Press Secretary Sean Spicer, but if "American Horror Story" star Sarah Paulson gets her way, the president himself could get a similar treatment.

The show's producer Ryan Murphy revealed in February that a new season set to begin shooting in June will focus on the 2016 election. If Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are portrayed in the series at all, it will probably be in smaller parts, Murphy said later. But that isn't stopping Paulson, who's confirmed to return for the election-themed season, from putting her hand up.

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"If Donald Trump is going to be in a character in it, why not? That's an acting challenge to be sure," Paulson told reporters at the television festival PaleyFest Sunday, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

An acting challenge and a hair-styling challenge, to say the least.