See 4,000 Santas and 11,000 penguins fight to the death

Ho ho, oh no! Who will win in the epic battle between thousands of jolly Saint Nicks and adorable penguins? Find out in this festive Epic Battle Simulator video.

Those excited for Santa's Christmas Eve visit may want to make sure to leave the good cookies out for the old fella after seeing this festive yet frightening video game footage.

In the YouTube video, posted Friday, Brilliant Game Studios shows off its Epic Battle Simulator by pitting 11,000 penguins against a Santa Claus army.

"This video showcases some of the new features to the crowd-rendering system," Brilliant Game Studios said in the video description. "Units now navigate complex terrain; bodies now pile up; movement and avoidance improved and smoothed."

Plus, it's really exciting to watch what would happen when thousands of adorable penguins attack a huge crowd of screaming Santa Clauses armed with giant candy canes.

This footage is bloody in a "Game of Thrones" kind of way, so best not show the kiddies. After awhile it's hard to distinguish between Santa's red flannel and the blood in the wintery wonderland. The only thing that would make this better is if the elves and reindeer got in on the action.