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SanDisk ups capacity on flash memory cards

Company quadruples the amount of storage on its Ultra II line of cards.

SanDisk announced Thursday increased capacities for several different flash memory cards. The Sunnyvale, Calif.-based flash memory card company said its Multi-Level Cell technology has allowed it to quadruple the amount of storage on its Ultra II line of cards. The new cards will be released in November.

The company's Ultra II CompactFlash (CF) Type I cards will top out at 8GB and will cost $959.99. The CF cards will be available in 4GB and lower capacities in October. Ultra II Memory Stick Pro cards will max out at 4GB and will cost $959.99. Memory Stick cards also will be available in 2GB and lower sizes. Ultra II Secure Digital cards will reach up to 2GB and will cost $239.99. Other smaller sizes are available in the SD format as well.