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SanDisk launches colorful Sansa c250s for dads and grads

Thanks to its budget price and new color options, the SanDisk Sansa c250 makes a good gift idea for anyone deserving of one this time of year such as moms, dads, and grads.

Actually, the newly colorful versions of Sansa c250 have been available at BestBuy for a couple of weeks now, but considering their compact design, wealth of features, and ultralow price point ($79.99 for 2GB), I can see the logic behind SanDisk's "dads and grads" push. This flash MP3 player is a good gift idea for anyone deserving of one around this time of year: moms, dads, grads, and birthday boys and girls. Heck, for that price, why not get yourself a secondary MP3 player while you're at it? The Sansa c250 may not offer the greatest sound quality or the best display, but it's not a bad option for those on a budget. And now you don't have to settle for plain old black: the c250 comes in red, pink, and blue versions as well. For more information on the player, read the review.