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SanDisk heightens camera speed

8GB storage card now available in U.S. and Europe.

Crave Asia

How fast your camera shoots is due in part to the memory card it uses. Even the cleverest mechanical artistry is not enough if it's hampered by a sluggish write speed.

For that reason pro photographers would certainly appreciate the 8GB Extreme III SDHC, a drugged-up storage card for faster transfer speeds. Though the emphasis is on speed (read/write speed of 20MBps), there're some hardware and software extras. The bundled MicroMate is a USB 2.0 reader that can turn the card into a mass storage device or a card reader while the included RescuePRO software is a data recovery tool to retrieve accidental deletions.

The 8GB SanDisk Extreme III SDHC will be available for retail on the U.S. and European markets at $180.

(Source: Crave Asia)