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San Jose one of the least open-minded dating cities in US, says survey

In a survey of almost 1 million dating profiles conducted by online dating site Zoosk, San Jose, home of so much that is tech, is the second-least open-minded dating city in the US. It's even less open-minded than Birmingham, Ala.

The facade of the San Jose Discovery Museum. Mike Vok/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

They do like to change the world in Silicon Valley.

For the Valley people, the current Earth is stale, turgid, and a mite stupid.

So the tech industry does all it can to ensure that it drags the rest of America (and, indeed, the world) by its most painful hairs into the future.

One might imagine, therefore, that a place where imagination allegedly reigns would be extremely imaginative about love.

If research by online dating site Zoosk is to be believed, one might also imagine that tossing figs into whiskey is an excellent idea.

The research sought to discover the most and least open-minded cities in the US.

Zoosk claims to have stared deeply into the eyes -- well, the online dating conversations -- of almost 1 million of its members to see who truly didn't care about a potential partner's religion, children, previous marriages, body type, smoking habits and education.

Astonishingly (or perhaps not), Las Vegas is the most open-minded of all. What happened in your past can stay in your past, it seems. Las Vegas lovers just care about the here and now.

Joining it in the top 5 were Detroit, Columbus, Ohio, California's state capital, Sacramento and San Antonio, Texas.

But wait, we're talking about San Jose here. Where does it fit into this picture of American love?

Well, California's hive of the future emerged as the second least open-minded. It was only defeated by Raleigh, N.C.

Yes, it appears that the tech crowd may claim to own the future, but they also only want to mate with their own future-minded crowd. Indeed, the only area in which San Jose showed any sort of liberalism was religion.

The list of the Top 5 least open-minded was rounded out by Birmingham, AL., Richmond, VA. and Pittsburgh, PA. However, two other Californian cities -- San Diego and Riverside -- were in the top 10.

When it comes to San Jose, daters there are adamantly conservative about education and drinking habits. They are not prepared to tolerate anything other than their optimal levels of both.

They don't seem too tolerant of imperfect body types either. Indeed, body-type tolerance reigns most in San Antonio.

Dare we conclude that the home of openness might be a touch more closed than it lets on? Can we possibly contemplate that there is a certain Randian essence of purity and self-regard lurking in the allegedly liberal woods?

Might this research explain further why so many in Silicon Valley would either like to live on their own island or at least split California into six separate states?

Perhaps, on hearing of these results, you are a tech-employed San Jose resident, looking for love and realizing you need a way out.

May I help you, then, by telling you that the most tolerant city both for dating someone previously married and, importantly, for opening its heart to people of varied educations is Salt Lake City.