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Samuel L. Jackson stars with Siri in Verizon iPhone ad

We've always wanted to see the domestic side of Samuel L. Jackson. So along comes Verizon and features him in a very intimate, homely relationship with Siri.

Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Siri called Samuel L. Jackson "Sam."

There's one piece of intimate information you probably didn't have yesterday. And it comes to me via The Next Web, which unearthed this preternaturally odd piece that seems to be an iPhone 4S ad from Verizon. (Apologies for the sound and picture quality. Video was posted by Shawn King.)

It is odd because it is not often that Samuel L. Jackson -- um, Sam -- cancels golf. I am told that he has golf days built into all his film contracts.

And then here he is in the kitchen cooking and chatting with Siri. He is not preparing anything remotely royale. Unless one thing we didn't know about the McDonald's Royales in "Pulp Fiction" was that they were made with organic mushrooms.

No, this is all very peculiar. But The Next Web assures me that it was aired during ESPN's SportsCenter today, while I was on a transcontinental flight sitting next to a lady who is 6 foot 4.

When um, Sam gives Siri the night off, it all seems a little too Hollywood -- as if she is just another personal assistant, rather than the apple of Apple's technological eye.

Those with even finer human eyes will notice that a title appears at the end which reads: "Sequences shortened."

This might, just might, feel like a response to several lawsuits that have been filed suggesting that ads featuring Siri tend to exaggerate her mental alacrity. Shame on them.