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Samuel L. Jackson has one NSFW message for moviegoers

The actor delivers an unmistakable warning to those who think their phone call takes precedence over the film.

Samuel L. Jackson has one message for moviegoers. And being that it comes from Jackson, it involves some language you might not want Grandma to hear (it's bleeped, but you can figure it out).

In a 30-second promo shown before movies at the Alamo Drafthouse theater chain and posted to YouTube on Friday, Jackson tells audiences exactly what to do with those addictive smartphones during the movie.

Fans of Jackson -- and of enjoying movies in peace -- will no doubt applaud. Alamo Drafthouse has been famous for years for its zero-tolerance policy when it comes to talking or texting during films. But honestly, it wouldn't hurt to have Jackson deliver this message in all movie theaters.

Jackson currently is starring in "Kong: Skull Island." And speaking of monkeys, he's had it with those monkey-fighting phones in these Monday-to-Friday theaters.