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Samsung's Smart Truck helps drivers see the road ahead from behind 18-wheelers (Tomorrow Daily 196)

Ashley and Khail debate the usefulness of a large LCD screen on the back of a cargo truck, discuss Sony's move to upgrade the PS4's internal storage and cheer on NASA as they begin active development on a mission to Europa.

Happy Monday! We're back from the craziness of E3, and we've got a great series of stories to discuss with you today.

First up, Samsung's Smart Truck. It's an 18-wheeler with a camera mounted to the grill, which sends a live feed of the road up ahead to an LCD screen on the back of the truck, so any drivers hoping to pass safely can see cars coming from the opposite direction. Samsung says their tests in Argentina prove the technology can be successful commercially, but how expensive would it be to retro-fit trucks with this sort of thing, and would long-range drivers be amenable to it?

Next we're discussing Sony's PS4 upgrade. Before, the most internal storage available was 500GB; now, Sony's upping that to 1TB starting next month in Europe. They'll almost certainly bring this upgraded PS4 to the US and other countries, but we're wondering why both Microsoft and Sony chose now to update their consoles. Khail's got an interesting theory, though...

Lastly, we're chatting about NASA's official move into active development for the Europa mission. They want to send a spacecraft to orbit Jupiter, rendezvous with Europa when it's closest, take photos, and potentially fly through what could be liquid water spewing up from the moon's surface. Any way you slice it, we're excited for the mission, and it's obvious NASA is, too.

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196: Samsung's Smart Truck helps drivers see the road ahead from behind 18-wheelers

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