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Samsung's S6 Edge+ and Google's Alphabet soup in CNET UK Podcast 445

Google has a new parent company, Samsung has some new phones and we have to call for a tow-truck. All that and more on the UK's best tech podcast.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Google is a newly slimmed-down beast, under the umbrella of a new parent company called Alphabet. Tech's most handsome podcasters, Andrew Hoyle and Luke Westaway, discuss what this means for all you intrepid Googlers and whether there's going to be any change to Android.

Samsung too has had a busy week, and we get down and dirty with its two new phones, the Galaxy S6 Edge+ , with its fancy curving screen, and the Galaxy Note 5 , which won't be coming to Britain any time soon. Boo!

Plus, hear Luke talk with Rich Trenholm about new gadget-tastic spy movie " The Man From UNCLE", and find out why Andy and Luke's road trip around the country ended with two trips on the back of a tow truck.

It's such a busy show that we haven't even had time for your feedback, but we'll be coming back to that next week with a bumper edition, so send in your thoughts, your tech questions, or just your favourite recipes for summer drinks to be read out on the next show.

CNET UK Podcast episode 445

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