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Samsung's Papyrus e-book reader nears launch

The stylish looking device been making the rounds in Europe and will reportedly be released in Korea in June.

Samsung's upcoming e-book reader, the Papyrus, had its debut at CES in January, but the stylish looking device is now making the rounds in Europe with some new details in tow. What's interesting about it is that it seems to have quite a bit of PDA in it as Samsung's gone with a touch screen (an aluminum stylus is included), and is bundling some utility applications such as a calculator, scheduler, and contacts. The Papyrus is an A5-size e-ink device (it's 5.8 inches by 8.3 inches while the entire Kindle 2 measures 5.3 inches by 8 inches with a 6-inch screen).

Samsung's new e-book reader will come in several colors and is initially set to launch in Korea in June. The company is reportedly looking toward a future release for the U.K. first, and then the U.S.--but that may be months away. While no pricing has been set, word is the Papyrus will come out with a sub-$300 price tag. That's good because it allegedly only comes with 512MB of internal memory and no SD expansion slot.

Aside from the fact that Samsung may have a problem with Sharp already having a Papyrus electronic dictionary, the real question is what sort of e-books and documents you'll be able to read on the Papyrus--and whether Samsung has an e-book store in the works.

Somehow, I doubt that even at the cheaper price point this will be a Kindle 2 or Sony Reader killer, though hopefully it will get enough attention to encourage Amazon and Sony to drop their e-book reader prices a bit. What do you think?

(Source: Gizmodo via Pocket-lint)