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Samsung's 'men are pigs' ad for TVs gets YouTube love (and hate)

You might have missed a Samsung ad for its Evolution TV Kit. However, almost 9 million have analyzed its depiction of men as Neanderthal slobs on YouTube.

What did she ever see in him?
Samsung/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

What can I tell you about men that you don't already know?

They're ungracious, semi-literate buffoons whose ability to lift even one buttock from the couch is dependent only on the urgency of their bodily needs.

Men are insensitive, unfeeling, gross, dirty, and smell not unlike your garbage disposal. They eat food with the delicate air of a depressed rhinoceros.

These are not my opinions -- though a lifetime of research suggests that they may have some validity. These are the expressions offered by a Samsung ad for its Evolution TV Kit.

You can see that it took the creative team (I'm guessing they were emancipated males) all of 33 seconds to conjure the idea of a man who isn't evolutionary.

His poor wife despairs of his beastly ways.

So she inserts a little evolution into his being and what a glorious life it is.

He shaves, he cooks, he cleans, he wears furry slippers. That's what every woman wants, isn't it? A manservant who pours her champagne.

Some, especially on Reddit, have fulminated against the ad's caricature of relationship life.

For example, this from Femdelusion: "F***ing hell. This is going straight on my list. That's probably one of the most vile adverts I've ever seen. This isn't the normal IV drip of laughing at men; this is simply mainlining outright contempt."

Jud Dredd even claimed to have gone to Samsung's Facebook page to post this: "Can you please do a similar ad where I plug an evolution pack into my wife?! Think Stepford wives!! She would go from being a nagging frumpy looking creature to delivering drinks and sandwiches to me and my poker buddies, all whilst wearing something a little revealing! I think everyone would find it hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Perhaps almost everyone.

Some even railed against this ad as commercially suicidal. For example, Dgod40 offered: "This doesn't make any sense. Are they trying to alienate their primary consumer base?"

The ad's creators, though, clearly wished to stir a touch of debate. It is not surprising, therefore, that (at the time of writing) the ad has enjoyed almost 9 million views on YouTube.

There, too, the site's traditionally sophisticated commenters have offered strong views.

Nasausaf2 opined: "She married that guy right? She moved in with him? She chose him to be her life partner, right? Now she's complaining about him. This is showing women's nature to take no responsibility for their own actions. They make choices that have rewords [sic] or consequences."

Oh, we all make choices that have consequences. Sometimes, re-words never come. Re-words like respect, rejoice, or repent.

The makers of the ad, though, have their reward: noise.

Evolved or otherwise.