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Samsung's health-conscious air conditioners

They kill germs while keeping you cool.

Crave Asia

Here in the tropics of Singapore where it's perpetually summer, air conditioners are big business all year long. We're happy campers as long as they just do their job, but Samsung is on a crusade to improve our health as well with two new bacteria-killing models.

Using Samsung's proprietary Micro Plasma Ion technology, the Vivace Shadow Mirror pictured here and Neo-Forte pack enough firepower to zap all manner of germs. According to company representatives, MPI is capable of effectively eliminating 78 percent of fungus and 58 percent of bacteria in a 30-minute time frame, within an enclosed environment.

The MPI works in tandem with a carbon deodorizer that removes odors and bacteria, a Silver Nano evaporator and a Catechin filter developed from a green tea extract. Samsung claims that the MPI unit and evaporator are capable of lasting over a decade with only the filter requiring regular replacement, as well as 30 percent energy savings. But expect to pay an up-front premium on the price tag for that long-term conservation.

(Source: Crave Asia)