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Samsung's enigmatic flash-based camcorders

Samsung announces flash-based camcorders, but offers few details.

Samsung's new SC-MX10

Samsung has decided to contribute to the trend of recording video to SD memory cards with the new SC-X300 and SC-MX10 camcorders. Samsung hasn't released very much information about either model, but we do know that the SC-X300 sports a 680,000-pixel CCD sensor, 2-inch LCD, and 10x optical zoom lens. Samsung says it's PictBridge compatible, so you can connect it directly to a PictBridge-compatible printer to print still images, but didn't specify the pixel count of those stills. They did share the fact that it will include an SD card slot and will have MP3, webcam, voice recorder, and data storage capabilities.

The SC-MX10 remains more of a mystery. Samsung tells us it will have an ultra-slim design with a 2.7-inch LCD, but that's about all. The SC-MX10 is expected to hit stores in September for about $320, while the SC-X300 should be available in February at a price of about $370.