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Samsung's delightful homage to texting moms

Technically Incorrect: A new Samsung ad for Mother's Day honors all the texts mom has ever sent you. And I mean all of them.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Because that's what moms do. Samsung/YouTube; screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

You know she cares.

You know she cares too much. She's supposed to. She's your mom.

Yes, sometimes her caring too much can be, well, too much. Especially now that she's got technology at her fingertips and actually knows how to use it (mostly).

For Mother's Day this Sunday (at least, in the US), Samsung thought it would string together some of the better, more poignant, more delightful texting relationships between mothers and their kids.

These involve a little more of the moms doing the texting.

They just want to tell you mundane domestic information. They write in caps, and when their kids ask why they're shouting moms wonder if the kids can hear them through this infernal phone.

And then sometimes they press "send" without remembering to include, well, a message.

Even when they ask their kids how to rewind their texts, the kids know that mom is just being mom.

This is an utterly glorious piece of work. Simple, poignant, completely non-Hallmark and, most importantly, true. And the whole thing is designed with one goal: to get you to (at least) call your mom on Sunday.

Who needs the next big thing, when you've got your mom?