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Samsung's 24-inch P2450h: Different kind of green machine

The Samsung SyncMaster P2450h's green push makes onscreen characters the picture of illness.

Samsung SyncMaster P2450h's green tint problem distracts from an otherwise fairly good-looking monitor. Josh P. Miller

Samsung rarely fails to manufacturer good-looking monitors that, at the very least, perform decently. Its SyncMaster XL2370 and PX2370 are both great examples of aesthetically pleasing monitors with performance that backs up their good looks.

This week we reviewed the Samsung SyncMaster P2450h. While its brothers are more like the overachieving, valedictorian, star athletes of Samsung's monitor litter, the P2450h is akin to that weird uncle that still hasn't moved out of his parent's basement and never fails to mention that he "has something cooking" that will really turn his life around, "and then you'll all see!"

The P2450h isn't a bad-looking monitor by any means, but it's not nearly as stylish as the its LED-based siblings. However, Samsung really drops the ball (actually, it may have never been handed the ball) with the P2450h is in performance. The monitor's Achilles' heel is its insistence to push green much more than red and blue. This gives the screen a nauseous look that is most noticeable when watching movies or when sitting next to a monitor that has great color balance, like the PX2370.

Read our review to find out if the P2450h can redeem itself.

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