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Samsung VX1 looks pretty, mostly useless

Samsung's latest portable voice recorder has a beautiful design, but may never see the light outside of Korea.

The Samsung YP-VX1 voice recorder.
What, only Koreans need sexy voice recorders? Samsung

Looking more like a remote control for the Batmobile than a voice recorder, the aluminum-clad Samsung YP-VX1 is way too sexy to record your memoir, much less a grocery list.

Announced today along with a handful of other Samsung portable audio gadgets we may never see in the U.S., the details surrounding VX1 are pretty scarce. There's no word on pricing or capacity, but this little beauty does offer MP3 playback with ID3 support, along with Samsung's DNSe sound enhancement technology.

But if you're feeling strangely compelled to buy a dedicated voice recorder, don't get your hopes up for this one. Both GenerationMP3 and PMP Today have stated their doubts that the VX1 will ever see the light outside of Korea. Hey, there's always the Sony PCM-M10.