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Samsung uses Steve Jobs quote to toss bile at Apple

In an ad of splendidly questionable taste, Samsung decides to mock the dead to sell its Galaxy Note 4.

Is this ad in bad taste? Or is this precisely the sort of competition upon which Steve Jobs thrived? Samsung/Twitter

How stupefying it must have been for Samsung to see Apple release large phones as if it had invented the idea.

Stupefaction can, however, lead one to stew so much that one does something a touch stupid.

I feel that some might be in immediate need of an Apple Watch in order to check their blood pressure when they learn of Samsung's latest ad.

Released on Twitter by Samsung's Korean arm, this Galaxy Note 4 ad offers an alluring headline: "No one is going to buy a big phone."

It then adds, teasingly: "Guess who surprised themselves and changed their minds."

Should you have been living in the world's lone secure cloud for the last many years, you may not know that Apple co-founder Steve Jobs uttered the words that make up that headline during the iPhone 4 launch.

He was as rampantly opposed to larger phones as he was occasionally prone to changing his mind entirely. He was also fond of utterly ruthless competition, choosing to mock rival brands at every presentational event.

But he's dead. Doesn't mocking the dead leave a slightly unpleasant and embittered taste? Especially when it comes from a company that's been trawled through the courts quite a few times for, well, copying?

Or are we now extending commercial warfare to the afterlife, as we'll all be digitally enhanced and re-created many times in the future?