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Samsung UNB8000 firmware corrects black levels

CNET reviews the Samsung UNB8000 series, the expensive, stylish set has its share of picture quality drawbacks, but a firmware update helps, and the thin frames are worth serious bragging rights.

As the most expensive horse in Samsung's stable of edge-lit LED-based LCD TVs, which the company calls "LED TVs" in most of its marketing materials, the UNB8000 series is differentiated from its cheaper herd mates by the addition of 240Hz processing.

If you're wondering whether that feature is worth the cash, wonder no more: in our opinion, it's not. Other than the extra hertz, Samsung's edge-lit sets share most of the same picture quality characteristics, including deep black levels, mostly accurate color, and some uniformity problems that might have something to do with its ultrathin panels. In the plus column, however, the UNB8000's picture is still pretty dang good--especially after a firmware update--and the styling of these Samsung sets just can't be beaten.

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