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Samsung to reveal 'retro' NX200 RS

The NX200 RS is functionally identical to the original NX200, but sports a metallic-chrome top plate.

Samsung NX200 RS
Photo Rumors

With retro designs the in thing these days, rumor has it Samsung has decided to milk the trend by launching an NX200 RS interchangeable lens camera (ILC) this weekend.

According to Photo Rumors, the NX200 RS is functionally identical to the original NX200. What separates the two is that the new RS variety would be fitted with a metallic-chrome top plate.

Although it does appear uniquely different, we hardly think it looks retro. Aside from aesthetics, we feel shutterbugs are also looking for more usability in the form of dedicated buttons, common in older film cameras, that simply the whole photo-taking process.

Users have often expressed their desire for a camera that sports dedicated shutter speed, ISO, and exposure compensation dials so they don't have to dig through layers of menus that may cause them to miss the moment.

We do hope the new camera comes with a few more bells and whistles, rather than just being a rehash of what's available now.

We've contacted Samsung and they were unable to comment at press time.

(Source: Crave Asia)