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Samsung teases with Galaxy Tab video

The iPad competitor will launch on September 2 at IFA Berlin, but Samsung releases a short preview video Tuesday.

Bit by bit, details about Samsung's forthcoming tablet are appearing.

On Tuesday, Samsung released a very short video hinting at some of the features of the so-called Galaxy Tab. The video can be found here.

The Galaxy Tab is just one of many devices attempting to challenge Apple and the iPad in the very hot consumer touch-screen tablet space right now. The video positions Samsung's Android tablet as going beyond what the iPad is already offering, which is necessary if any contender is going to make any sort of dent in Apple's lead.

It starts by showing another touch-screen tablet and asking, "Want more?" It then lists "augmented reality," video calling, "full Web browsing," Android 2.2, and a 7-inch screen, followed by an official release date of September 2 in Berlin. That means Samsung will be introducing the Galaxy Tab at IFA Berlin, Europe's version of the Consumer Electronics Show, and we'll be there for the launch.

The video is brief, but it's useful for guessing some other details about the device. Video calling might mean a front-facing camera, and "full Web" browsing is a likely hint at the Galaxy Tab's ability to display Flash sites (and a dig at the iPad).

Samsung Galaxy Tab will arrive in September at IFA Berlin. (Click for video)
Samsung Galaxy Tab will arrive in September at IFA Berlin. Samsung