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Samsung gets a llama to unbox the new Galaxy S7

Technically Incorrect: To get you excited about its new phone, Samsung has a llama privately view it, then paint what it saw. No, really.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.


You can lead a llama to a Galaxy and you can make it paint.

Samsung/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

The meeting must have been a pulsating one.

How are we going to get people excited about the new phone?

Why don't we have an apple that sees the phone and can't help rolling toward it?

Oh, come on! That's a really stupid idea. Why don't we have a llama privately unbox it and then paint what it saw?!!


And so it came to pass that Samsung's Swedish arm dragged a llama into a secret location in order to examine the brand new Galaxy S7.

I know this because the company has released a video of the event.

The llama doesn't seem too sure at first. It's unclear, too, what it actually sees and how much it's able to focus in the 30 seconds it's given with the phone.

Moreover, how do we know that what the llama paints has anything to do with what it saw?

Is the woman in the video a llama whisperer? Did the llama agree to a long contract beforehand and cede all artistic rights to Samsung?

What we do know is that Samsung is allowing a different being every day to privately unbox its new Galaxy -- due out on February 21 -- at sevendaysofunboxing.com. Then he/she/it does an artistic portrayal of the device.

So far, there's also been a child and an ice sculptor. Who might be next? The Pope? Miss Alabama? Abba? Lorenzo L(l)amas?

It's all terribly exciting. Or is it?