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Samsung signs deal to use Rovi's EPG

According to a report by Video Business, Samsung has signed a deal with Rovi to use the company's electronic programming guide in future products.

Last month, we reported that Macrovision changed its name to Rovi , and now Samsung has made a deal to use the company's electronic programming guide in its future products. According to Video Business, it's a multiyear contract, and Rovi has previously stated it doesn't expect its guide to hit the marketplace until early 2010.

We could see Rovi's EPG being useful in several types of home theater products, but the most logical place would be Samsung's HDTVs. While many already have EPG functionality through an attached cable or satellite box, Rovi's guide could be useful for those relying on over-the-air DTV signals or even Tru2way compatible TVs.

Rovi has also previously stated its intention to include streaming media services such as YouTube, Slacker, and CinemaNow in its interface, so it will be interesting to see how these services will mesh with the existing Yahoo widgets already available on Samsung HDTVs.