Samsung sells Galaxy Gear with help of Miley Cyrus' undergear

As rumors of poor sales swirl, Samsung suggests that its watch is perfect for those who don't wear many clothes.

Chris Matyszczyk
2 min read
Wait, but where does the phone go? Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

I feel like I've seen a lot of Miley Cyrus lately. In both the corporate and the corporal sense.

It's inevitable, then, that someone might want to take advantage of the persona that she's chosen to put out there. And there. And there.

That someone is Samsung.

Not everyone is entirely convinced that Samsung's Galaxy Gear has inspired the world to wear a watch with a camera attached. So the company's UK arm decided to offer a tweet that attempted to get down and dirty with today's young, impressionable Snapchatters.

Naturally, it featured women's underwear. The size didn't seem large. The intent was 3XL.

For on the Samsung UK Twitter feed was an image of trim undergear, a picture of the company's Galaxy Gear and the words: "Hey Miley. You should have a look at our Gear."

In order to help you grasp the humor, a tagline offered: "For performers who usually have no pockets for a phone."

I know that many will be uplifted by this humor. Cyrus has been scantily and twerkily clad on almost every TV station known to the world of late.

The suggestion here, then, is that she could still receive her texts and alerts while twerking mostly naked.

I confess, though, to being a touch confused. I had imagined that your Gear works rather better if you have your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (or some other phones any day now) tucked into your (very large) pocket.

There is clearly no room for even a B flat in this skimpy undergarment.

So I wonder just how much joy Cyrus would actually get if she just wore her watch as she wiggled, waddled and wobbled.

Tenuous rumors are swirling that the Gear hasn't sold very well, so perhaps the idea of invoking a superstar's underwear is a Hail Miley.

I wonder how many will be moved by the perception that wearable tech is perfect when you're not wearing very much at all.