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Samsung S3 Slim is fat with features

Samsung releases ultracompact S3 Slim with plenty of features and a sweet and stylish design.

In addition to the ultrabasic S2 Pebble, Samsung has also announced the super skinny S3 Slim. With a name like that, a player better be ready for the runway, and at 0.4-inch thick, the Slim can certainly compete. However, I feel it's necessary to note that I've seen thinner MP3 players in my day, such as the iPod Nano. That being said, the S3 promises to be quite the compact media player, stated to be about the size of your average business card case. Looking at mine now, I can attest that that's plenty small. Samsung complements the petite dimensions by splashing on an array of shiny colors--black, blue, green, white, and red (although it looks more pink in pictures)--and incorporating the same glowing blue touch pad found on most of the company's other players at the moment. If nothing else, the Slim is stylish.


In fact, the S3 Slim appears to be an update to the Samsung T10, albeit one with a slightly smaller screen (1.8-inches versus 2-inches) and a more rounded and shrunken design, such as that found on the old YP-T9. The features are largely the same, though. The S3 offers Samsung's Digital Natural Sound engine, photo and video playback, and a built-in FM tuner. It likely offers the same stinted audio format support as the T10 (MP3 and WMA only, but at least including subscription music services). The rated battery life for the Slim is 25 hours for audio and four for video, which is certainly satisfactory for a player of its size. The player will come only in the 4GB capacity and is expected to come out in June with a price tag of $130.