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Samsung reviews its own watch, decides it's 'awesome'

On the official Samsung blog, there appears a so-called unofficial review of the new Gear S. It's quite complimentary.

Does anyone expect Samsung reviewing its own watch to be objective? Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

In business, as in love, one of the most unproductive questions can often be "Why?"

Yet I find that question banging hard against the inside of my eyebrow on seeing a review of Samsung's new smartwatch, the Gear S .

The review, you see, appears on Samsung's own official blog. With the sleight of a magician's fingers, however, it's titled: "This is an unofficial review of the Gear S."

It is unclear who wrote the review. The person only refers to themselves as "TMAE" (the most average editor). The reviewer, however, concludes that the Gear S is anything but most average.

He or she offers: "Specification-wise, this is almost like a Galaxy S on the wrist." I assume that the size of the Galaxy S doesn't count as a specification.

Of the different watch faces available, the conclusion is: "I don't know about you guys, but the luxury looking ones are my favorite." Everyone adores a little luxury, don't they?

The UI is "as intuitive as it gets." I looked to try to find an unofficial review of the Apple Watch on the site but failed. There was no review of the LG G Watch or the Moto 360. So I really don't know whether the Gear S is as intuitive as it gets, even for this unofficial reviewer.

The conclusion is surprisingly laudatory too: "As much as this may sound biased, Gear S is awesome."

It does sound a tad biased, yes. Anything that's on the official Samsung Tomorrow blog should be biased.

However, to title it "an unofficial review" is akin to calling Belarus a cheery democracy. It's akin to suggesting Miley Cyrus occasionally enjoys dressing down a little.

I know that Nokia has also been fond of offering hands-on descriptions of its own products. How many readers, however, might be seeking unofficial reviews of the Gear S and will stumble headlong into this five-star yelper?

Is this an example of reverse psychology -- a piece of allegedly unsponsored content on an entirely sponsored site?

Might the more jaundiced think that this unofficial review was actually written by someone officially employed in Samsung's marketing department?

I have contacted Samsung to ask how the company feels about the unofficial nature of this review and will update should I hear something official.

H/T The Loop

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