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Samsung reveals Galaxy S5 with new wearables

At Mobile World Congress, Samsung debuts the Galaxy S5 with fingerprint and heart-rate sensors, Gear 2 smartwatches, and the health-focused Gear Fit. But Samsung's not the only one this week showing off smarter wristbands.

CNET Update checks for a pulse:

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In this episode of Update, get a quick summary of Samsung's new smartphone and wearable accessories. The Samsung Galaxy S5 includes a fingerprint scanner on the home button, similar to its nemesis, the iPhone 5S. But it also is water-resistant with a heart-rate monitor and improved camera.

Those looking for a hybrid between a fitness-tracker and a smartwatch will be intrigued by the Gear Fit. It does more than count steps: the curved screen shows the time and it can measure pulse with a heart-rate sensor on the inside.

Samsung also revealed the sequels to its smartwatch, the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo. These smartwatches now run on Tizen instead of Android and they are said to have better battery life than the original Gear. The camera on the Gear 2 is moved off the strap, but the Neo will be a cheaper model without a camera. The Gear accessories and Galaxy S5 smartphone will arrive April 11.

Several other smart wristbands also made their debut, ready to challenge Samsung this year. Sony's SmartBand goes on sale in March, and will track more than health. It also tracks entertainment, like games played and time spent on Facebook. Sony also boosted its Smart Watch 2 by offering directions via a new Garmin app.

The Chinese phone maker Huawei showed off the TalkBand B1, it's a fitness tracking band that is also a Bluetooth headset. And HTC will be ready to show off a smartwatch of its own by Christmas.

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