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Samsung resurrects dual-hinged phone

Samsung looks poised to bring another dual-hinged cell phone to market.

As the saying goes, "If at first you don't succeed try, try again." Well it appears Samsung is following such advice to the letter. After the relatively lackluster performance last year of Cingular's Samsung SGH-D307, the Korean electronics giant seems to have gone back to the drawing board for dual-hinged devices. Photos of the upcoming Samsung U710 appeared on Howard Forums today with the promise that it's coming to a CDMA carrier near you. And if Howard Forums is correct that the phone's official designation is SCH-U710, then Verizon Wireless will be the lucky winner (any cell phone in the U.S. market with SCH in its name is meant for Verizon).

Like the D307, the U710 (or is it the U740?) is a dual-hinged flip phone that will open like a regular flip handset but also will open horizontally for typing on the QWERTY keyboard. Though it's not a real smart phone since it doesn't run a third-party operating system, it still should offer a set of worker bee-friendly features, including Bluetooth, a speakerphone, messaging, and e-mail. And in an improvement over the D307, the U710 is set to offer a digital camera. It all looks promising, and if Samsung manages to clean up the D307's awkward navigation buttons, it may be a hit. While the device pictured above is black, we hear the U710 actually will come in champagne.

(Photo: Howard Forums)

(Photo: CNET Networks)