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Samsung purportedly takes poke at Apple fanboys searching for iPhone 6S

Technically Incorrect: A purported Samsung ad teases those who are already looking for Apple's next phone. It's not a 6S you want, the ad says, it's a (Galaxy) S6.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

A little jest at Apple fanboys' expense? Jon_Reed/ Reddit screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

It's been a long while since Samsung teased Apple.

Perhaps the combination of Apple sucking all the media oxygen from the atmosphere, coupled with Samsung's difficult commercial times has meant a certain silence.

Now Samsung has a new and, the CNET experts say , very fine phone. So the company seems to have popped up to tweak the noses of a few Apple fanboys.

The imagination of phone-namers has been addled by, who knows, too much Adler Brau Winter Ale. So Samsung appears to be running an ad in Google search that suggests anyone looking for an iPhone 6S (rumored to be the exciting name of Apple's next phone) must be searching for a Galaxy 6S. Oh, I mean the other way around -- a Galaxy S6.

The headline reads: "Awkward You Obviously -- Mean S6 -- Samsung.com." Awkward grammar, obviously. But then the Web and English enjoyed an amicable divorce a long time ago.

The purported ad links through to the genuine Samsung UK site, and a screenshot of it was first posted to Reddit by Jon Reed. I have no reason to believe it's anything other than genuine, but I've contacted Samsung to find out, and to ask whether this amusement will appear elsewhere.

It's not clear for whom this commendable attempt at a giggle appears (I myself did a Google search on "iPhone S6," and the ad didn't show up). Perhaps it presents itself only to people Google deems to be excessive Apple obsessives. Or perhaps also to those who still swing between the two brands, in a desperate attempt at complete happiness.

It's heartening, though, that Samsung might be embracing humor, after something of a turgid period.

(Via 9to5Mac)