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Samsung Oscars ad to feature Tim Burton

Samsung is taking over the Oscars. It will will run six ads during the awards ceremony, including a veritable blockbuster starring director Tim Burton.

He can only add wit, surely.
The Hollywood Reporter/YouTube; screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

When it comes to advertising, Samsung thinks it has Apple a touch jittery.

With ad after ad, Samsung's brand image is becoming sharper, wittier, and more lovable.

So the temptation to take over an awards ceremony in which actors desperately try to be sharper, wittier, and more lovable than other actors has proved irresistible.

As Ad Age reports, Korea's finest is positively hijacking tomorrow night's Oscars broadcast with six ads.

The most fetching promises to be one in which the brilliant director of "Edward Scissorhands," Tim Burton, will make an appearance.

He will play something far outside his aegis of comfort. Yes, he will play a director trying to make a movie out of the Unicorn Apocalypse video game that has been featured in previous Samsung ads.

Should you have been undergoing urgent bunion surgery in Nova Scotia, these ads (one embedded below) feature a gaming startup that really believes it's going to make it big.

It's a startup in which one of the running jokes is called BlackBerry.

One can only hope that on a night when movies that twist history for the cause of entertainment will be heralded as historical, Samsung will provide a level of pure entertainment to which Hollywood can only aspire.

Sometimes on Oscars night, hope is all we have.