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Samsung monitor breaks contrast ratio barrier

Samsung's F2380 monitor scores high.

Josh P. Miller

Most monitor vendors boast superhigh contrast ratios (CR) for their babies. Even the monitor in question, the Samsung SyncMaster F2380, has "50,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio" written on its bezel. When you see these really high claims, they are most likely referring to Dynamic Contrast Ratio., which can't be trusted as the real-world CR.

Now, for the first time since I've been reviewing monitors, I've finally found what's been missing in my life. No, not a triple burger, wrapped in bacon, and deep fried, silly. No, a monitor with a tested contrast ratio over 1500:1. That's right. Tested. In our lab. Yes, we actually have one. What?!

Anyway, while Samsung claimed the DCR was typical, and by "typical" I mean misleading, it claims a 3000:1 static contrast ratio for the F2380. In our test, we saw 2517:1. Much lower than the claim, but without knowing exactly how Samsung got its score, it'd be an apple to oranges situation if we tried to compare them.

Still, this is an impressive score. The vast majority of monitors I've tested are sub 1000:1 CR monitors. Here's hoping this starts a trend.

To see what else this 23-inch, cPVA, monitor, intended for the graphics professional, can do, check out the full review. As always, access the latest monitor reviews on CNET.