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Samsung Mobi is the other V Cast Mobile TV phone

The Samsung SCH-u620, also called the Samsung Mobi, supports V Cast Mobile TV.

Samsung Mobi
CNET Networks

The LG VX9400 is not the only phone to support V Cast Mobile TV. The other phone is called the Samsung Mobi, which also goes by the name Samsung SCH-u620. We managed to get a look at it after the Verizon press conference, and it looks and feels a lot like the Samsung Drift phone from Helio. It is nice and compact with a soft-touch finish on its matte black surface, and it's a slider phone.

The specifications are very similar to that of the LG VX9400; features include a 1.3-megapixel camera, a camcorder, text and multimedia messaging, Bluetooth, full access to V Cast video and V Cast music, an MP3 player, VZ Navigator support, and a microSD card slot. Similar to the LG VX9400, the Samsung Mobi/SCH-U620 also has a dedicated TV button and an extendable antenna to improve the reception. We were impressed with the speed of the channel surfing, which you do with the up and down direction keys.

Samsung Mobi with the V Cast Mobile TV programming guide

Though the 2-inch screen was not as conducive to TV watching as the LG VX9400's 2.5-inch screen, it still looked pretty good. It will probably be available by end of March, though pricing is not known.