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Samsung channels Apple in powerful curved TV spot

Using characters from movies through the years, Samsung's new curved TV ad makes the whole thing seem very important.

"Show 'em the curve." Samsung/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Look, I don't want to start another copying lawsuit.

This isn't about copying. Let's call it homage. Or respect. Or inspiration.

You might have noticed, should you have been watching your television over the past couple of days, an ad for Samsung's new curved TV slide across your screen.

Here we have characters from famous movies saying wondrous things. And we're supposed to believe that they're saying them about Samsung's new -- and, frankly, very fine-looking -- television. (known officially, for now, as the Samsung UN65HU9000 .)

It's going to "change the world as we know it," says Jeff Goldblum.

"Show 'em the curve," says Amy Adams.

"You can't beat the view," says George Clooney.

Of course, it would have cost a fortune to get them to say this about the actual Samsung curved TV. It's one thing to get people like this to participate in an Oscars selfie. It's another to get them to shill directly.

Though it's something of an advertising cliche, this execution still makes the product seem important. It also reminds me of the way Apple decided to introduce the iPhone in 2007. (video below)

Take a lot of the finest movie stars. Take the perfect parts of their dialogue. Cut it neatly. Get everyone excited that this new product is something significant.

Personally, I wouldn't mind saying hello to one of these curved TVs in my living room at all. ( Click here to see how a test-drive is going for CNET's David Katzmaier.)