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Samsung mimics Apple, right down to Jony Ive-style voice

Technically Incorrect: A new ad lauding Samsung's design credentials bears a stunning resemblance to every video lauding Apple's design credentials.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

We are craftsmen, with an English accent. Samsung/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

The jokes about Samsung copying Apple are almost tired.

Even judges and juries got weary of the lawyers and the their lily-tongued lies.

For its part, Samsung enjoyed suggesting that the iPhone 6 was nothing more than a poor imitation of its larger Galaxy phones.

Yet here is a new Samsung ad that might make wonder whether myopia lurks in Samsung's headquarters.

The ad is called "Designing Possible." Here are some words from it: "We relentlessly pursue the edge of innovation." Then there's: "We master impossible materials." And: "We sculpt with diamonds, carving from blocks of aerospace-grade aluminum."

I believe that if I put a thousand people into a room, even against their will, and played them this voiceover, all of them would think this is another Apple ad featuring the dulcet disquisitions of design head Jony Ive.

You see, these Samsung words are uttered by an English voice. To my ears, it's the actor Dominic West. You may have seen him naked many times with a woman who wasn't his wife in the recent series "The Affair."

To hear him say "for a grip that's elegant to the touch" is to conjure the most magical words of Ive himself. For example when he talks about the Apple Watch's band being "sweat and chemical-resistant."

And just look and listen to the Apple Watch Gold Edition video voiced by Ive. See if you feel a few similarities.

"We are digital craftsmen. We are Samsung," concludes the Ive-Got-An-English-Voice-Too.

Some might feel that elements of the craft are a touch derivative.