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Samsung makes camera truly plug-and-play

The PL90 is a fairly basic point-and-shoot ultracompact camera, but it also has a flip-out USB connector for on-the-go transfers and charging.


It's about time. The Samsung PL90 is an ultracompact point-and-shoot with little to offer beyond automatic shooting with one exception: it has a flip-out USB connector. This is a feature Flip Video and other minicamcorder manufacturers have been doing for years now. The connector can be used for quickly transferring photos and videos off the camera without removing the memory card or looking for a USB cable. You can also use it to charge the battery.

Why has this feature taken so long to make its way to a camera? My guess is cost and size, which explains why the camera is nothing extraordinary.

Specs include:

  • 12-megapixel resolution

  • 4x optical zoom

  • 2.7-inch LCD

  • VGA movie capture

  • Built-in sharing software

So it's really nothing special, but just enough to make it a decent choice for someone who's doing nothing but sharing their photos online. The PL90 will be out in September in silver and red versions for $150.