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Samsung LNB550 Series Quick Take

CNET did not review this series of LCD HDTVs, but we did review a similar model.

The Samsung LNB550 series of LCD HDTVs was introduced in spring 2009. It consists of the 32-inch LN32B550, the 37-inch LN37B550, the 40-inch LN40B550, the 46-inch LN46B550, and the 52-inch LN52B550.

CNET did not review any of these models, but we did review a similar product, the Samsung LN40B650, which may give you an idea of how the LNB550 will perform. The LNB550 series has a significantly lower contrast ratio (100,000:1 vs. 70,000:1) than the LNB650, so it will probably display brighter black levels. The series also has one less USB input and lacks picture-in-picture, networking capabilities, and 120 Hz processing. For more information, refer to the full review of the Samsung LN40B650.