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Samsung LCD TVs go 'rose black' in the U.K.

Is this the new piano black?

Crave UK

In the late '70s and early '80s when TVs had faux wood all over them. They went all matte black in the late '80s, then during the '90s a ghastly silver was all the rage. With the introduction of flat panels matte black made a comeback for a while and later went glossy, known as piano black. So what's next in the goggle-box fashion line-up? If you listen to Samsung, "rose black" is the new must-have color and it's slathering it all over its new range of high-end TVs.

Happily the full red effect only really appears in all its glory in a well-lit room. Samsung is certain we'll all be keen to light our TVs specifically to bring out its exciting new color scheme. Of course we will. Indeed, Samsung believes in this color so much it's also slapping it on its new DVD home cinema systems, such as the HT-X710, and even its high-end, 800W, 5.1 HT-TX715. Prepare for an onslaught of slightly reddish TVs and home cinema equipment.

Forget about the color for a moment--let's have a little wander around the spec sheet. As this is Samsung's top-of-the-range LCD TV, it almost goes without saying that they're 1080p screens--with the exception of the 19- and 22-inch models. That does mean for the first time Samsung is producing a 1080p, 32-inch TV for the U.K., joining other manufacturers in fulfilling demand for smaller "full HD" screens.

The LE40A6 range uses Samsung's "ultra clear panel" contrast-improving technology--"super clear panel" owners will be miffed. There's a stonking four HDMI sockets on the 32-inch and above models. If you buy a 37-inch or above, you'll also get Samsung's 100Hz technology, which aims to reduce motion blur and other movement artefacts.

The screens also feature the now ubiquitous game mode for console and PC gaming fans, and the contrast ratio of the larger sets is up to 15,000:1.

You should also be pleased to learn that Samsung is attempting to simplify the model numbers--we're genuinely ecstatic. While this screen is officially called the LE40A656A1FXXU, it can be referred to as the LE40A6, which is a substantial improvement. Hurrah! The A6 range will include 19-, 22-, 32-, 37-, 46-, and 52-inch screen sizes as well as the 40-incher we've introduced you to here.

(Source: Crave UK)