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Samsung HDTV-monitor gets glass neck treatment

Shots of Samsung's newest HDTV/Monitor, the P2370HD.

This is a remote. This is my hand on a remote. Any questions? Eric Franklin/CNET

Glass necks are nothing new. Well, nothing new when you consider they're been featured in no less than two Samsung monitors: the XL2370 and P2370.

Glass necks look pretty cool, especially the way Samsung uses them, but they seem out of place with the P2370HD. While the other 2370 models are slim and sleek, the P2370HD is a fair bit bulkier. It would be like trying to fit Lou Ferrigno in Christian Bale's Batman costume from the "The Dark Knight." It just looks wrong.

Check out the shots to see what else does and doesn't work with the P2370HD and expect a full review here next week.