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Samsung gets back to dissing Apple in new ads

Technically Incorrect: It seemed as if Samsung wasn't going to knock Apple anymore. Then came the NBA Finals and new ads for the Galaxy S6 Edge. And boy is that iPhone 6 a bad phone.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Look. It's obvious which phone has the edge. Samsung/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

It seems so long since Samsung cocked a snook and thumbed its nose in the direction of Cupertino.

I feared this was the end.

Then came the NBA Finals (what glory that was for my Warriors) and the appearance of two new ads for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

No pussyfooting was there about how lovely this phone was. No, these new ads claim that the iPhone 6 has no edge at all.

In one ad, Samsung lauds the display on the phone's edge. It mocks the fact that the iPhone 6's edge displays nothing but a depressing baldness. Well, save for some buttons. While the Samsung's edge shows colors when your closest friends call. ("It's green! It must be Draymond!" Forgive me. Delirium.)

It even displays the date. Yes, today's date. How clever.

A second ad muses that the S6 Edge comes with built-in wireless charging capability. While the iPhone 6 comes with a gaping, charging void.

And then there's the S6's wider selfies. Everyone knows that a selfie can never be too wide. It's the width that expresses the vast breadth of the person taking the selfie.

Meanwhile, the iPhone severs the head off Nana. Samsung is, indeed, accusing Apple of nanicide.

There's something glorious in the notion that Samsung has decided to fight. It will continue to chip away at the iPhone 6's alleged inadequacies. It will find superiority wherever it can.

There again, aren't our phones supposed to be disappearing into our pockets permanently, as we're all now going to be daft enough to talk to our watches?

Hey, Samsung. Hurry up. We need an ad that mocks the Apple Watch.